I’ve been making some updates to the template on the site. If you’ve visited recently you may have spotted them, but you’ll be forgiven if you have missed them.

First of all, I’ve added a new link to my social icons (they’re on the right on large screens and at the bottom on small screens). It’s a rainbow circle representing a new service I recently discovered called NEXTFREE.

It’s a very simple service to help freelancers and recruiters keep up to date, without all the need for emailing back and forth. All I need to do is keep it up to date with my availability and anyone who visits https://www.nextfree.co.uk/for/david-lumm can see whether I’m free or not.

The other thing I’ve added is a link for a new service called “Buy me a coffee”. Basically anyone that reads any of my stuff and thinks “cool, that’s some good writing there, let me buy this chap a coffee to say thanks” can do that easily. It looks like a really nice service. I believe you can tip using PayPal or a card. I’m not expecting to make my fortune off of it (or even to get any money at all) but it’s a nice addition and it’s nice to spread the word about a new startup.

If you’re doing something that you offer for free but that people might like to “tip” you for, this looks like a great way to add this to your site. Check it out at buymeacoffee.com.

I’ve got some other more interesting updates on the way, but as always Don’t Hold Your Breath™ (note, this is not a real trademark, at least not mine).