I’m David and pretty much everything that’s interesting about me can be summed up with the keywords from the subtitle :point_up:.


I grew up in The Salvation Army and my faith has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.

More recently I have found myself reassessing the fundamentals of my faith and stripping back everything that didn’t matter. It’s been a difficult process, because a lot of my life was built on top of that stack and without all the layers it’s become a little wobbly while I adjust.


:bride_with_veil: I’m married to Lucy, we married in 2008.

:family: In 2011 I became the father of Isaac.

:dog2: In 2015 we “adopted” Willow, our Labrador.


I love playing with technology of all kinds. I also love geeking out on how things work. Most of my projects are either about finding how something works or trying to fix something. I’m always trying to fix things… :hammer:

I’m particularly found of:

  • Gadgets
  • Electric Cars
  • Automating

Programming Wizard

In reality this is just a subset of the above, but I love solving software problems and I’m grateful that I get to do it for money. In 2016 I left full time employment and became a freelancer/contractor (see my profiles at LinkedIn and Stack Overflow). These days I mostly work with PHP.

I also have a bit of an interest in business analysis and I enjoy helping smaller companies with their processes as they go through the growing pains of becoming a medium or large business (see TwinkleBob Solutions).