Back in January I took a day off from work and we got to do something a little bit special. Despite having half a draft post written, I’m only just now getting around to finish it. Better late than never? I hope so.

As one of his Christmas presents, Isaac was given a ticket to see Horrible Histories live on stage with his auntie and uncle. There were two options and he chose to see the Awful Egyptians show. There was no way we were missing out, so we bought tickets too!

So just a couple of weeks after Christmas we all went to The Playhouse in Weston-super-Mare to watch it together. We had such a great time!

We were trying to work out when Isaac first started watching the Horrible Histories TV programme and he may well have been around 3 or 4. He found it hilarious at the time and we figured that at least it was educational.

Lucy and I had both enjoyed the books as children - so much so that we’ve both still got some of our old books from then)! We’ve also collected a few more over the years. But the live action TV show (as opposed to the animated one that was shown on CITV, I think) was something surprisingly accessible. We both learnt stuff from it, nevermind if Isaac was picking anything up :laughing:

So anyway, back to our day at the theatre… It was an early showing and we actually managed to have a fairly relaxed morning at home (relatively, anyway) and still get there really early. The theatre took pity on us out in the cold and let us in early while we waited.

I was suprised, at first, to see that it was a cast of just three! I hadn’t expected a huge production, but in the end it was pretty impressive what the three of them managed to do. It was fast paced, exciting, education and very funny.

There were a couple of points when Lucy had to give me the glare. I was laughing so loud that the school groups behind us couldn’t hear what was going on! Whoops! :joy:

Part of the set in the first half was a projected image (quite often animated) that changed to reflect the current scene. During the second half this projection became 3D (hence the picture of us with our groovy glasses) which was used really well to enhance the story.

I’m not sure if they’re touring, but if you ever get a chance to see one, I’d definitely recommend going to see a Horrible Histories production!

We left there with Ancient Egyptian facts and songs ringing in our ears and headed for some lunch.

Before going out we hadn’t planned anywhere in particular, only that we had to have Fish and Chips. We were at the seaside, after all! Siân and Rich had seen a little place on their way to the theatre and said it looked promising.

I hadn’t even noticed it on the drive past, but it turned out to be a lovely and quite old fashioned place. Papa’s Fish and Chip Restaurant appears to have had a bit of a name for itself - there are signed pictures of a host of famous people from the 80s and early 90s. It reminded me of the sort of place you’d find at the seaside up north.

The portions were huge and the staff were so lovely. It was a level of service you don’t often get these days. And yes it was a bit more pricey than take away fish and chips, but I think for a special occasion it was worth it!

I’d eaten so much at lunch that I just couldn’t eat the rest of the day. Those who know me know that means a lot!

That afternoon and evening Isaac and Lucy made some paper chains and we managed to play some board games together, including Touring England, which is a family favourite!

So the Histories may have been horrible, but our day definitely was not!

Photo credit: One of my own for once!