I slipped up, I’m sorry.

In my previous post I recommended a service called Bitminer (I won’t link to it) which on further investigation turned out to most likely be a ponzi scheme.

If you signed up, I really hope you didn’t put any money in. I was foolish enough to put some of my saved bitcoin in to get me to the first level. :disappointed:

Such is life, though. We live and learn. I had hoped that their inclusion on WeUseCoins was some sort of recommendation, but obviously not.

Instead I would like to draw your attention to Moon Bitcoin* which very clearly makes it’s money from advertising. The more time you spend looking at or clicking on adverts, the more money you can make, as well as the referral bonus.

I’ve also invested a little of my bitcoins into Hashflare.io* which is a legitimate cloud mining operation. However there is a lot of discussion about whether all cloud mining operations eventually descend into becoming a ponzi scheme, so I wouldn’t risk too much money there. They do have a reinvestment scheme that allows you to increase your share over time. I’ll keep you updated how that one goes.

One last site I forgot to mention last time was CoinCorner*. They offer a bitcoin exchange and an online/mobile wallet. Might be a good place to start if you’re just starting out.

Some of the links in this post are suffixed with an asterisk, those links are affiliate links and will earn me a small percentage if you sign up using them. For some sites, they also offer you a better deal than going directly. Wirex, for instance, will give you 25% off your first plastic card. If you don’t want to click the affiliate link you’re welcome to just google the services and find them directly.

Photo via VisualHunt.com